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Coordinated Wealth

Are You Maximizing Your Tax Savings?

Coordinated Wealth

Hello Business Owner,

Ever felt that you're paying to much income tax? Do you feel there must be a legal way to keep more of your earnings? You're right.

Recent tax law changes within qualified plans could offer you significant savings opportunities—sometimes deductible contributions could represent up to several hundred dollars per owner annually! But, the tricky part? Most professionals today might not be fully aware of these advantages.

Here's the catch: Tax legislation has evolved. From the Economic Growth Tax Reconciliation and Relief Act in 2001 to the Secure Act 2.0, these changes could mean:

· Fewer costs for employers.

· Bigger savings for business owners and their stakeholders.

· Larger, more efficient deductions—sometimes amounting to multi-million dollar tax deductions.

Ask yourself:

· Were you content with the tax you paid last year?

· If there is a legitimate way to reduce that, would you want to know?

· Is your current tax plan tailored for maximum benefit?

· Want to see 90-95% of your deduction work better for you?

Our specialty lies in navigating these intricate tax landscapes. We offer a free snapshot of your current plan, ensuring it aligns with the latest legislations and serves your goals best.

Remember, there are always new horizons in the financial world. Let us guide you through them. Click Get started and let’s take some of that financial burden off your shoulders.

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