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What Others Say

Coordinated Wealth

R.J & Rodney Koonce

We had such a beautiful experience working with Louie. Being a business owner, I had so many concerns regarding my saving's and retirement. Louie was trustworthy, resourceful, and extremely knowledgeable on so many different products and services.


Within a matter of weeks he saved us thousands. Our lifestyle since than has drastically changed for the better. Were able to vacation more frequently now, since the saving's. Also by having the extra cash flow we were able to make some profitable investments. Louie was such a blessing to our family.


I am forever grateful! Thanks again!!! RJ, Rod & Children

Coordinated Wealth

Brian and Lynne Hill

My husband and I went to Louie to help us work towards our retirement. We are pushing those ages where I was getting concerned about not being prepared for that time.


After having meetings with Louie, he found so many things we could do. We are following his suggestions and we will be ok! I highly recommend talking with Louie even if you think you don't have much to work with. You may be surprised!


We are VERY thankful we went to see him! 

Coordinated Wealth

Bob, Father of two

I have been in the financial services business for 40 years. During that tenure, there is one principle that must be followed: find the best expert for each aspect of one’s finances.


As my wife and I prepared to send our 18-year-old daughter off to college last fall, I knew six to ten college planners who could have assisted us in this area of expertise, but Sam was the expert we engaged. His professionalism, knowledge, and ability to explain the sometimes confusing process was refreshing to us.


I would highly recommend (and have) Sam Feeney to my clients with college-bound children.  

Coordinated Wealth

Tonya Maximoff

My father has been a client for 40 years and I have worked with Mearhoff agency for 15 years myself for all of my insurance needs. Being self employed myself in healthcare and knowing what it takes to keep up with changing trends as well as maintain customer service and client relations


I think the whole team does an outstanding job. Not only is the service top notch but Lee, Mark and the whole team go above and beyond to help their clients get the best vehicle at the best price.


I have referred many people and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work! 

Coordinated Wealth

Local Business Owner

Always had my taxes done by a "tax preparer", boy am I glad I met with the tax professional Jill.


She took the time to help me plan around my situation, explained options, and pointed out ways to make me much more efficient with my tax bill.


Highly recommended.

Coordinated Wealth


Expect sound investment advice from Jon. He did not drive me to a specific "product of the month".


He listened to my goals, understood my risk tolerance and put my money in a suitable product. 

Coordinated Wealth

Jose Torres

The simplicity of meeting with a one stop shop for literally anything you could possible need is awesome.


They are all on the same page and work with one another to have making financial decisions, purchasing product and staying on the right path about as easy as it gets.


Highly recommended. 

Coordinated Wealth

Rachel Coughlin

No one likes being in an accident, but if you have such an event, the family behind Mearhoff insurance are guaranteed to help you every step of the way.


They helped calm me down, offered reassurance, and guided me where I needed the extra help.


Thanks guys (again) for always being there. I highly recommend this team!!! 

Coordinated Wealth

John & Annmarie Houck

We were in search of a financial planner for advice on future retirement plans and were very apprehensive in choosing one. After reading over many reviews, we contacted Louis Tita at Coordinated Wealth, and it turned out to be a great decision. We left the initial meeting feeling confident about what Louis and his team could do for us.


He and his team have been excellent communicators and truly seem to care. We are confident in their ability to look out after financial future, and we highly recommend Louis and Coordinated Wealth to others.   . 

Coordinated Wealth

Anne Fraser

My experience with Coordinated Wealth concerning my retirement was a positive and patient role of my adviser Louis Tita. My limitation of knowledge in this field was challenging to say the least because this was new material in my field, no matter how much questions I had Louis was patiently willing to explain things to me. Their professionalism was beyond my expectation among teamwork in this group,


I was able to accomplished many needs concerning retirement all because of Louis’s knowledge and patience. I am grateful to Louis for always making sure that I am satisfied as a client in so many different area of my life, my taxes, my supplemental Insurance, ect. They are the most confident and honest people I have done business with, I will recommend, if you ever have a need and don't know how to go about it, well this group will show you a way that you will have never though about.


Thank you Louis for always making yourself available to the needs of your client, may God continue to Bless your business and all that you put your hands too.

Coordinated Wealth

Jimmy and Jennifer Gross

Had a opportunity to listen to Louie at a seminar. Mind blowing information. Things I thought I had figured out were debunked, products I thought I understood explained much more thoroughly and true wealth building strategies you will never hear from big banks or investment companies, who turn big profits by steering you.


We are looking forward to taking the next step with Coordinated Wealth's team.

Coordinated Wealth

Audrey, Mother of four

Sam was very helpful in the whole college process. The thought of choosing a  college and a major and a way to pay for it seemed very daunting. Sam walked us through each step with  ease and patience.


Glad we found him for our oldest kid; only three more to go! 

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